The Milford Mill is a historical landmark and is listed on the National Historic Register. Since 1983, it has been an attractive and affordable residence for Milford's senior citizens.

The Mill was originally built in 1813, during the War of 1812, and was originally a small spinning mill owned by Milford Cotton and Woolen Manufacturing Company. It was one of many small factories of the time that survived amongst the larger urban industrial centers by its focus on attention to quality.

The original mill was rebuilt after the recession of 1833 and was leased and bought by the firm of Morse, Kaley & Company. This firm updated the mill and built an addition to make the mill three stories high. At the turn of the century, the American Thread Company took over ownership and the mill was sold several times over the next few decades.

Throughout the life of the Mill, business flourished and various products were produced and sold throughout the country. Material woven at the mill was used in the production of army uniforms for both world wars. Owners throughout its history included names still familiar to Milford residents such as Humphrey Moore, William Lovejoy, Frank Kaley and Samuel Goldman.